Brand Positioning – Using Brand Positioning Strategies in your Business?

Sat, Jun 23, 2012


Brand Positioning – Using Brand Positioning Strategies in your Business?

by McKinnon Baxter

When it comes to branding yourself, and brand positioning, we all would do well to stop what we are doing,  slow down, take out the instructions, and put together a smart brand positioning statement, much like a mission statement.   Here are some questions to think about as you being your brand positioning strategy.

Brand Positioning Question #1 – Who Are You?

This, in my opinion is one of the most important questions of all regarding brand positioning.  You can’t be someone you are not. Just because you have a great idea of who to characterize yourself out there on the internet, even if it’s a marketable idea, does not mean you should brand yourself that way. I learned a long time ago that it was not only possible, but probable, that I could become “good”… even “great” in the eyes of others at certain things, jobs, professions, whatever. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be happy doing it. When it comes to brand positioning, really take some time to ask yourself who you are in your most natural and comfortable state. This is a lot more important than people think. Your life, your work should be challenging, and I am not saying if your most comfortable state is being a couch potato, that you brand yourself as the couch potato guy… but then again, maybe you could.  Interesting idea, actually… “Hello World, it’s Chris the Coach Potato Guy here coming to via satellite from my coach..” Kind of has a ring to it doesn’t it? But my point here is this… if you are going to be Chris the Coach Potato Guy… you better enjoy being that guy today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now… because like it or not, that is who you are going to be… well, pretty much forever.

Brand Positioning - Who Are You?

Brand Positioning - Who Are You?

Brand Positioning Question #2 – Does Your Brand Have Longevity?

See, when positioning your brand against the rest of the market, you want to stand out from the competition, but you need to realize that in today’s world, more than ever before, Content is King… and what I mean by that is that as you begin writing your blog articles, posting your youtube videos, creating your brand on facebook, how you position yourself today, will truly last a lifetime. One of the great things about our internet marketing industry is that we build an army of content out there that will work for us tirelessly, day in, day out, doing our brand positioning work for us while we sleep… but here’s the catch… that army will take on a life of it’s own. Sure, you can delete an outdated video, you can delete a post… but as far as your world target market, once you brand yourself, once you position yourself… YOU ARE THAT GUY.. OR GAL… and it’s pretty hard to change after the fact. So when starting out with your brand positioning strategies, really think about the future… it needs to be who you are today, but also who you know you are becoming… the brand you will be comfortable with and proud of once you actually achieve your brand positioning success.

Brand Positioning - Couch Potato Guy

Brand Positioning - Couch Potato Guy

Brand Positioning Question #3 – Is Your Name Available as a .com?

When you start out in internet marketing and branding positioning, one of your greatest assets to position yourself, and protect your brand, is going to be your .com name. Now for me, my name is kind of obscure, so when I first set out on my brand positioning strategy,  it was no problem getting But if your name is Seth Johnson, and Seth Johnson is taking by another, consider going with, or, or… When positioning your brand against the competition, there are a lot of ways to skin the cat. Get creative… make it memorable… and get creative with your brand positioning.

Brand Positioning Question #4 – Your Face, Your Beautiful Face!

Well, let me make something clear… you don’t have to be beautiful, or even good looking to brand yourself online. I was watching the olympic trials last night, and the 3-time US champion 10,000 meter runner Galen Rupp is a pretty darn goofy looking character. I mean really, his ears… if he just tilts his head slightly downward as he runs, I think he has a pretty good chance of being able to fly. You know what though? It doesn’t matter, I respect him, we all respect him and love him for his uniqueness, his individuality and most importantly when it comes to brand positioning, his talent and authenticity.  He delivers VALUE to us… We love to watch him run, we love to watch him succeed… we love to watch him WIN.   We love TRUTH AND HONESTY ladies and gentlemen, so be real in your brand positioning, be who you are… “warts and all” as they say… and people will love you fort it. By the way, Galen’s got a pretty good shot at winning the gold against the Ethiopians this year, pretty exciting.

Brand Positioning - Have To Be Beautiful? No!

Brand Positioning - Have To Be Beautiful? No!

Brand Positioning Question #5 – Brand Your “Thing”

The internet is still an ocean of opportunity… Personally, I have registered, over the years, well over 500 .com domain names as I pursued brand positioning in its many forms, for my many different businesses. The world is STILL your oyster, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So when brand positioning, find another domain, or several, that supports who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to brand yourself moving forward. My main brand that I am growing slowly but surely, is the brand of “The Automated Producer”. You have to pick this name, whatever it may be, and then before truly executing your brand positioning strategy, you need to register it, and then start building on your idea. Registering a domain is relatively cheap, about $10 a year, so if you have an idea, just register it, and eat a banana for lunch today and maybe skip that latte. Register your domain at

Brand Positioning Question #6 – Have You Covered Your A$$et?

When you find your domains… register a few variations of them. I have,,,, etc… When brand positioning, you want to protect your brand and sort of corner the market as your build upon your brand position.

Brand Positioning Question #7 – Have You Studied The Competition?

There are a lot of great internet marketers out there, and some have done some excellent brand positioning. Before you start positioning yourself, you need to know the competition. For one, you need to know if someone has already done what you’ve done. I scoured the internet pretty well for another Automated Producer, and I didn’t find one. When brand positioning, think in terms of a trademark. Does someone already have the trademark? Is the branding spaces still “open?” The other reason to do this is to just get ideas… no need for you to re-create the wheel… Sure, create a unique version of the wheel, but in many cases, especially studying the major brands out there that we all know about, you might as well use their research and development dollars, and benefit from all that money spent.

McKinnon Baxter is an internet marketing expert and coach, having sold nearly $50 Million in products online over the past 12 years.   McKinnon thinks, sleeps and breathes Automated Production,  Automated Systems and an Automated Lifestyle.  With over 500,000 online sales under his belt, he has seen both sides of success; business systems that have worked and some that have failed.  In the end, he believes that no amount of business is worth the stress and unhappiness that the wrong system will deliver.  Teaching automated money making systems to others today is his duty and great pleasure.  To learn more about McKinnon’s story, click here.

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